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Experience and Expertise

All of our consultants are experts in their field or domain. Although they have several years of industrial experience and domain expertise, they constantly train themselves to update their skills so that they can provide the best solutions to our clients.


All our project leads, staff and several of our technical staff have international project exposure in more than one way. They either worked physically at the client sites or have provided support remotely from our development centers.


We place great emphasis on training our staff not only technically but also in communications, global cultures, customs and languages. We place equal emphasis on emerging technologies as well as cross-train them in various other tools and technologies so that they gain much wider and broader skills and can provide composite solutions.


All our technical staff have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or in a related field. Many have a master’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering or related field. This allows them to have a broader and deeper understanding of the systems and processes in general.


We encourage and train our staff to achieve certifications in the field of their expertise. We motivate them by providing incentives for achieving certifications. Each and every one of our technical staff is either already certified by the actual vendors of the technologies (SUN, Microsoft, IBM etc) or is in the process of obtaining them.

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